Single-wing fire doors

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All fire doors were tested to fire resistance according to the JUS U.J1.160 standard at the IMS Institute at the Physics Laboratory in Belgrade. All our doors are accompanied by a certificate of approval with the necessary information such as: serial number, fire resistance of the door in question. All doors are re-certified within the statutory period.

The door dimensions can be adjusted to the specific needs of the customer, which practically means that we are able to execute the work according to the given dimensions. If the requirements are of a specific nature, in addition to the certification documentation, we also issue the expert opinion of an accredited laboratory.

The quality, speed of construction and serious approach to the business can be evidenced by the many reputable and successful houses we have worked for and which can be found on our reference list.

Single-wing full fire door photography:

Single-wing solid steel swing fire door with fire resistance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Supplied with complete accessory fittings, with or without self-closing automatics.

Corrosion protection:

  • electrostatically
  • Plasticizing or basic anti-corrosion coatings twice, followed by finishing in the tone at the request of the investor.
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