About the Company

Metal Equipment MOS is located in Sopot, near Belgrade, on the slopes of the Kosmaj Mountain. The activity is carried out in business buildings that cover the surface area of 3 450m2. It employs 40 experts who through their engagement constantly manage to increase the quality of the product, reduce the production time and thus retain the status of a quality and accurate supplier. We perform all our work in our own production facility, specializing in the production of fire doors and construction hardware.

Perspective: in the coming period, we plan to increase the number of employees, achieve a higher overall quality of business by verifying ISO standards, reduce production deadlines, start production automation, all aimed at meeting the higher market and competition standards, in order to place our products to foreign markets.
The quality of services, products and overall business operations can be assured by a visit to our company that will kindly welcome you and try to meet your requirements and accept all suggestions, criticism and appreciation that are very helpful to us in achieving higher standards, all in a domestic and friendly atmosphere. In the hope that you will give us a chance to prove ourselves, we expect a call for cooperation.


Metal Equipment MOS was founded in 1986 as a craft workshop with of 5 employees and a workspace of 100 m2 in total. The main activity was in the metal processing domain as well as the production of municipal equipment. During its work in the areas of the former SFRY, the company expanded its production program, including business facilities, which created conditions for more employees and expansion of the production facility. With the disintegration of the SFRY, the market was shrinking, but the volume of work, contrary to all the rules, was increasing day by day, as well as the need for new production programs. During 1994, a new production facility was opened, located on the outskirts of Sopot, with a total surface area of 850 m2, employing additional qualified personnel thus bringing the number of employees to 30. In the year 2001, considering the market demand, the company gets engaged in the fire doors program and until the present day, in addition to execution of steel structures and other construction hardware, it remained engaged in the production of the aforementioned doors.

Many reputable companies for which Metal Equipment performed works as a direct contractor or as a subcontractor tell about the quality, reliability and professional approach to the work tasks.

Top quality

Short execution deadlines

Longstanding tradition

Certified by the IMS Institute